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Why SERVPRO? Because We Are Locally Owned and Operated.

5/21/2020 (Permalink)

Each of our 1700 plus franchises, across the United States, are locally owned and operated. We live in the areas that we serve, so we are even more invested in the well-being of our communities and their futures. Due to our high volume of franchises spread across the country, there will always be a location near you to tend to any and all of your water and fire damage emergencies. We know how important it is to help out our neighbors in need, so as a whole, when combining forces, we always have the knowledge, equipment, and team members necessary for any mitigation or restoration needs. Even though our advertisements list the following areas, if you know us and call us, we can serve you near or far!!! We go above and beyond for our customers both within our communities and outside of those neighborhoods.


-Shaker Heights

-Cleveland Heights

-South Euclid


-Pepper Pike

Call us at SERVPROof Beachwood / Shaker Heights / Cleveland Heights at 216-464-4498 because we make it "Like it never even happened."®

Why SERVPRO? Because We Are Available 24/7 for your Restoration Emergencies.

5/21/2020 (Permalink)

We can’t always control damage that happens to our businesses and homes. Water damage from a burst pipe, storm damage from a flooded basement, or fire damage from faulty wiring. These can happen to anyone and we’re here to help. It is recommended that restoration for any of these disasters occur within 48 hours of the loss. Luckily, SERVPRO of Beachwood / Shaker Heights / Cleveland Heights can make it "Like it never even happened."® We have a team of highly trained technicians that are ready to respond to your emergency with the appropriate prioritization. When necessary, we pull in team members from surrounding areas to help us out, so no job is too big. If you have a mitigation or restoration emergency, SERVPRO of Beachwood / ShakerHeights / Cleveland Heights is available 24/7 for emergencies and are here to help! Call us at 216-464-4498.

Water Losses

5/16/2020 (Permalink)

Water damage can be dangerous, on your house and your body. The quicker this issue is taken care of and restored, the safer you and your family are. Unseen water leakage can quickly increase the humidity in your home, causing growth. This can damage structure and contents. Microbial growth can have a negative impact on your health as well, contributing to a variety of medical problems. If you notice an increase in humidity in your home before any growth has occurred, a dehumidifier may be all you need and will help prevent moisture build-up.Some leaks are more harmful than others. Category 1 leaks, such as those that come from your supply lines, are not immediately harmful and can be taken care of without too much of a health concern, as long as it’s done in a timely manner. However, Category 2 or 3 from plumbing that removes waste from your home are more hazardous to the body and should betaken care of as soon as possible with attention to the safety process of the mitigation. A multitude of bacteria and viruses live in this water and can grow anywhere in your home that the water touches, which can be harmful to your health. Furthermore, flood water from the ground is also a concern as it can carry sewage, chemicals, and infectious diseases. If you happen to come into contact with this type of loss, be sure to wash your hands and any materials that have touched the loss appropriately to protect yourself. The best way to stay safe is to be prepared. Do not hesitate to call a professional, that’s what we are here for! You and your family’s safety is very important to us. The quicker that flooded areas are cared for by a professional, the more likely you and your family are to be out of harm's way. If you have suffered damage from wateror other disaster at your home or business, call SERVPRO of Beachwood / Shaker Heights / Cleveland Heights at 216-464-4498.

10 Fire Summer Safety Tips

5/16/2020 (Permalink)

Here are 10 tips to ensure fire safety in the home while you enjoy your summer plans, according to the United States Fire Administration:

1. Build campfires at least 10 feet away from homes and at least 25 feet away from tents, plants, and overhanging branches.

2. Do not set off your own fireworks or sparklers, as these can reach up to over 1000 degrees Fahrenheit and can result in third-degree burns. If you would like to see fireworks, go to a public showing produced by experts.

3. Make sure to only use grills outdoors. Using them indoors can cause house fires or carbon monoxide poisoning. Keep a three foot safety zone around your grill, keeping children, pets, and the house safe.

4. Only use grills on the ground floor. Using them on porches and balconies leads to a higher risk for house fires.

5. Keep a three foot safety zone around your grill, maintaining the safety of children, pets, and the house.

6. Open your gas grill before lighting.

7. Do not walk away from your lit grill, keep an eye on it at all times to prevent fires.

8. Clean your grill after each use, removing grease that has the potential to start a fire.

9. Place coals from your grill in a metal with a lid once they have cooled.

10. Wear short sleeves or roll them up and use long-handled barbecue tools while cooking on the grill.

If you have suffered damage from a fire or other disaster at your home or business, callSERVPRO of Beachwood / Shaker Heights / Cleveland Heights at 216-464-4498.

10 Summer Storm Safety Tips

5/16/2020 (Permalink)

Every year, hail and thunderstorms result in billions of dollars in property damages, especially in spring and summer months. According to, here are 10 quick tips to ensure that your home is prepared for the storm season ahead.

1. Keep an emergency kit in an accessible location in your home with the following items: a flashlight, extra batteries, extra chargers, non-perishable foods, bottles of water, first aid kits, blankets, sturdy/waterproof boots, a whistle, and important paper documents.

2. Get routine maintenance on your home, including your roof and the foundation of the house.

3. Become more familiar with your insurance policy. Know what is covered and what is not.

4. Invest in storm windows.

5. Bring all patio furniture and outdoor appliances indoors before a storm hits.

6. Keep all important or expensive belongings away from the floor in case of flooding.

7. Before a storm hits, park your car in the garage to prevent car damage.

8. Identify spots in your house away from windows and house siding to go to during a severe storm.

9. Cut down any trees or branches that could fall on your house or cars during a storm.

10. Take storm watches and warnings seriously. They can be the difference between life and death of you or a loved one.

If you have suffered damage from a storm or other disaster at your home or business, call SERVPRO of Beachwood / Shaker Heights / Cleveland Heights at 216-464-4498.

Avoiding Water Damage While On Summer Vacation

5/16/2020 (Permalink)

The worst time for water damage to occur is while you are out of the home, as you have no control over the destruction that may occur. Directly from Abbotts, here are some helpful tips to keep your house protected from any water damage while you are enjoying your summer vacations.

Before you leave:

-Inspect your home for leaks or rusts in pipes, water heaters, windows, doors, roofs, and hoses.

-Clean out your gutters of debris to prevent water pooling and damage.

-Shut off water supply, whether at the main valve or at the most frequent offenders (toilets, refrigerators, and washing machines).

-Install and test Sump Pump annually.

While you are away:

-Have someone check on your house to make sure that, if a leak does occur, it will be caught and stopped as quickly as possible.

If you have suffered water damage or any other disaster at your home or business, call SERVPRO of Beachwood / Shaker Heights / Cleveland Heights at 216-464-4498.

Tips for Summer Commercial Building Maintenance

5/16/2020 (Permalink)

It is important to protect your business from storm, water, and fire damages during the summer. To keep it in the best shape possible by following these quick tips from Alpha Omega Properties:

-Have your HVAC inspected by a professional early on in the summer to ensure it will work when you need it the most and keep your building cool during the highest temperatures of the year.

-Test all sprinkler systems to make sure they are all working properly in case of fire.

-Check for roof damage before any storms come through to prevent water and storm damage.

-Evaluate all outdoor lighting systems to make sure each bulb is working and is water-tight sealed.

-Test all fire extinguishers, fire safety kits, fire evacuation plans, and severe weather protection protocols to ensure safety incase of emergency.

If you have suffered commercial damage or any other disaster at your home or business, callSERVPRO of Beachwood / Shaker Heights / Cleveland Heights at 216-464-4498.

Why SERVPRO? Because no job is too big!

4/19/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Beachwood / Shaker Heights / Cleveland Heights is here for you when you need it most. Our team is qualified and prepared for any disaster, no matter how big or small. We help to recover homes and businesses from tornadoes, hurricanes, fires, and floods. Recently, we traveled to Columbus, Ohio to help out with extensive flooding. Our SERVPRO teams are strategically placed around the country so that we are readily available to help out wherever we are needed. We value teamwork and persistence, and that is proven in our efforts. We are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for emergency services. 

Call SERVPRO of Beachwood / Shaker Heights / Cleveland Heights at 216-464-4498. We are always prepared. We make it seem “Like it never even happened.”

Why SERVPRO? Because We Value Teamwork.

4/9/2020 (Permalink)

While some of us have been stuck at home and social distancing from loved ones and friends, our SERVPRO team has been hard at work. We have been cleaning and restoring homes from floods all over the Cleveland area. Furthermore, not only did we have our surrounding cities aid us in this process, but through our Storm Team partner, we were able to pull in SERVPRO teams from all over the United States. We had an abundant amount of support and resources, including manpower and equipment. We could not be more thankful for the teams who came out to help us in our time of need!

For any and all Flooding and Water Restoration needs, call SERVPRO of Beachwood / Shaker Heights / Cleveland Heights at 216-464-4498!

Why SERVPRO? Because We Help Outside of Our Community.  

4/9/2020 (Permalink)

These past few weeks have been difficult on our economy and our hearts as social distancing has isolated us from those that we care about most. However, SERVPRO of Beachwood / Shaker Heights / Cleveland Heights have been busy helping our neighbors in Columbus recover from a massive flood. We worked together with the other SERVPRO teams of Columbus and those that travelled from all over the US to restore homes and offices there in the best way that we know how: with teamwork. It is so important to us to spread kindness and lend a helping hand wherever we can. 

For any and all Flooding and Water Restoration needs, call us at 216-464-4498!