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Put A Freeze on Winter Fires

1/6/2021 (Permalink)

According to the National Fire Protection Association, there is an increased risk of indoor fires during the winter months. Here are some ways to mitigate this risk:

 -Only plug in one heat-producing appliance into an outlet at a time.

-Do not use an extension cord with a heat-producing appliance.

-Get your chimney and vents professionally cleaned every year.

-Keep cooled ashes outside at least 10 feet from your home in a covered metal container.

-Keep candles 12 inches away from anything that burns and consider switching to battery-operated candles instead.

-If additional wall outlets are needed, have an electrician come and install them.

-Ensure that you are using light bulbs that match the wattage that is recommended on the fixture.

-Keep anything that can burn at least 3 feet from any heating sources. 

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If you have suffered from any fire damage this winter, call SERVPRO of South Euclid / Lyndhurst / Pepper Pike at 216-464-4498. We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and we’ll make it "Like it never even happened."®

Fireplace Dos and Don’ts

1/6/2021 (Permalink)

Fireplaces are one of the most used heating appliances during the cold winter months. However, they must be upkept to minimize their potential risk of fire. informs us of the Dos and Don’ts of wood-burning and gas fireplaces.

 Wood-Burning Fireplace Dos

-DO get your chimney inspected for any buildup or damage by a professional prior to lighting your first fire of the season.

-DO make sure the flue is open before lighting a fire.

-DO leave the glass fire screen closed when the fireplace is in use.

-DO use a fireplace gate.

-DO clean the firebox once a week.

-DO make sure the fire is completely out before leaving the house or going to sleep to prevent house fires.

Wood-Burning Fireplace Don’ts

-DON’T leave flammable objects near the fireplace while it is lit.

-DON’T leave children or pets unattended around a lit fire

-DON’T use gasoline to start a fire.

-DON’T use green branches and leaves to start a fire. These can cause more smoke than fire itself.

Gas Fireplace Dos

-DO get your chimney inspected for proper venting of gas fumes by a professional prior to lighting your first fire of the season.

-DO ensure you have a screen or secondary glass barrier on your fireplace, as the single class barrier can get extremely hot and burn you.

-DO keep flammable objects away from fireplace.

Gas Fireplace Don’ts

-DON’T close the flue when the fireplace is in use.

-DON’T leave the fireplace unattended when it is on.

-DON’T leave the fireplace on when you leave the house or go to sleep, although it is okay if the pilot light remains on.

For more Dos and Don’ts of fire and heating in your home:

Should you have any mishaps, call SERVPRO of Beachwood / Shaker Heights / Cleveland Heights at 216-464-4498 and we’ll make it "Like it never even happened."®

Preparing Buildings For Winter

12/19/2020 (Permalink)

“Building Exterior

  • Roof: inspect and repair. Seal around vents and other protrusions to prevent roof leaks.
  • Gutters and downspouts: remove all obstructions and make sure they are properly secured.
  • Exterior water lines: drain and winterize to prevent pipes from freezing.
  • Drains: clear debris so that water drains away from your property.
  • Basements: are you prepared for water backups?
  • Trees: inspect trees near structures and walk areas and remove unsafe branches.

Building Interior

  • Furnaces: inspect, tune-up, check filters, check venting and assure property clearances to combustibles.
  • Space heaters: prohibit or minimize use and assure safe location and operation.
  • Wood-burning stoves and chimneys: inspected for safe use.
  • Interior pipes: protect from freezing. Be very careful if attempting to thaw a frozen pipe. Do NOT thaw frozen pipes with open flames or torches.
  • Faucets: leave dripping during intense cold.
  • Alarms: test all fire, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.
  • Smoking: it may be cold outside but do not allow smoking inside of your building.

Fire Protection Systems

  • Sprinkler pipes: protect any sprinkler pipes that are exposed to temperatures below 40 degrees to protect from freezing.
  • Antifreeze systems: have antifreeze systems been tested for adequate concentration in the past year?"

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Source: Please click the link to continue reading the online article.

SERVPRO of Beachwood / Shaker Heights / Cleveland Heights at 216-464-4498 is here to help!  Let our professional team do the cleanup with the proper procedures to keep you and your company safe.

How to Protect Your Staff and Slow the Spread of COVID-19 in your Office Buildings

12/19/2020 (Permalink)

According to the CDC’s “COVID-19 Employer Information for Office Buildings”, managers and operation specialists can take the following steps to create a safe workplace for workers to come back to.

-Create a COVID-19 workplace health and safety plan.

-Check if building is ready for occupancy by evaluating hazards such as mold growth or stagnant water systems and take appropriate action.

-Ensure ventilation systems operate properly.

-Increase circulation of outdoor air by opening windows and doors and using fans if possible.

-Identify where and how workers might be exposed to COVID-19 at work

-Modify all seats and work stations to maintain 6-foot social distancing between employees.

-Install transparent shields, signs and other methods to physically and visually separate employees in all areas of the building.

-Encourage employees who have symptoms of COVID-19 or who have been exposed to someone who has COVID-19 to notify their supervisor and stay home.

-Consider conducting daily in-person or virtual health checks.

-Stagger shifts, start times, and break times as much as possible to reduce the number of employees in common areas

-Clean and disinfect high-touch surfaces.

-Educate employees and supervisors about steps they can take to protect themselves at work with easy-to-understand training, free and downloadable posters from the CDC, and wearing face masks.

For more information:

Is your office building in need of a deep clean to ensure your office is ready for occupancy before your workers come back into the office? Call SERVPRO of South Euclid / Lyndhurst / Pepper Pike at 216-464-4498. We are open 24/7 and we are ready for your call.

Come back to clean offices after celebrating with your family this holiday season!

12/1/2020 (Permalink)

Let us help you stay focused on your holidays this year. Get your offices cleaned while you are home celebrating with your loved ones. Call SERVPRO of Beachwood / Shaker Heights / Cleveland Heights and we’ll make it "Like it never even happened."®

With the increased number of COVID-19 cases occurring every day, on top of the hustle and bustle of holiday craziness, give yourself a little peace of mind by having our team come deep clean your offices while everyone is out! We are on call 24/7 for emergency services so that you can keep right on going with your holiday preparations and festivities. 

SERVPRO of Beachwood / Shaker Heights / Cleveland Heights has the training, experience, and equipment to handle large commercial flooding or water damage, along with all COVID-19 sanitization. Whether your commercial property is in a small office building, a large warehouse, restaurant, or retail location, we will respond quickly to mitigate any damage or deep sanitization needs. Please call us at 216-464-4498, we are here for your emergencies 24/7.

Missing Thanksgiving Already? Here’s A Recipe!

12/1/2020 (Permalink)

Image of green bean casserole

Slow Cooker Green Bean Casserole Recipe 


-2 packages (16 oz) frozen cut green beans

-2 cans (10.75 oz) cream of chicken soup

-2/3 cup milk

-1/2 cup grated Parmesan cheese

-1/4 teaspoon salt

-1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper

-1 can (6 oz) French-fried onions


-Combine green beans, cream of chicken soup, milk, Parmesan cheese, salt, black pepper, and half the can of French-fried onions in slow cooker

-Cover and cook on Low for 5-6 hours

-Top casserole with remaining French-fried onions to serve

See more about this recipe here:

Wind Storm Damage

12/1/2020 (Permalink)

Recently in Northeast Ohio, we have had some pretty bad wind storms, many of them causing severe damage to homes and property. Damaging winds are often called “straight-line” winds to differentiate this type of damage from tornado damage. Strong thunderstorm winds can come from a number of different processes. Most thunderstorm winds are classified as those exceeding 50-60 mph. Damage from severe thunderstorm winds is more common than damage from tornadoes and these wind speeds can reach up to 100 mph. They can produce a damage path extending for hundreds of miles.

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If you suffer from any storm damage, please call SERVPRO of Beachwood / Shaker Heights / Cleveland Heights at 216-464-4498. We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergencies and we’ll make it "Like it never even happened."®

Why SERVPRO? Because We Care About Protecting You Against Microbial Growth.

11/5/2020 (Permalink)

Microbial growth is part of our every day, outdoor environment. It exists outdoors on dead leaves and trees and helping them organically break down. However, microbial growth indoors is different. In your homes, spores can travel through the air without you even noticing. They are microscopic in size and when they find moisture, this contributes to their ability to multiply.  When this happens, you may notice a musty odor or a color variation to items being affected.  Depending on the type and levels, microbial growth may cause health effects. If left untreated, microbial growth can become invasive and can destroy items on which it is grows.

If visible microbial growth happens to be present in your home, that is where we come in! SERVPRO of South Euclid / Lyndhurst / Pepper Pike are the experts that you need for microbial growth removal. We have trained remediation specialists on staff who have the necessary experience for proper removal.

With all the rain and damp weather that comes with the fall and winter seasons, the opportunity for microbial growth is a definite possibility in most homes. If you see or suspect microbial growth - do not touch or disturb the microbial growth. Contact SERVPRO of South Euclid / Lyndhurst / Pepper Pike at 216-464-4498 to schedule an assessment. We have the training, equipment and expertise to handle any situation and make it "Like it never even happened."®

Keeping Your Pets Safe During The Upcoming Cold Weather

11/1/2020 (Permalink)

As the outside temperatures start to drop, be sure that you take the necessary steps to ensure your pets’ safety this winter, according to

-Wipe off their paws after being outside to prevent them from carrying chemicals into the house.

-Keep them leashed in situations that you might get separated from them as the normal scents that help them find their way home may be blocked from the snow.

-Leave them at home instead of leaving them in your cold car, as this can be dangerous to their health.

-Wear reflective gear on you and your pet to ensure you both are seen at night.

-Be prepared by creating emergency plans, which include food, water, and medication for your family and your pets.

Stay safe and healthy during these cold fall and winter months, and don’t forget to call SERVPRO of Beachwood / Shaker Heights / Cleveland Heights at 216-464-4498. We’re here to help!

How to Prepare For A Safe Return to School In Fall 2020

11/1/2020 (Permalink)

With schools starting to open up and students begin to return to in-person classes, it is important that administrators and families take all necessary precautions. According to the CDC guidelines, it is critical that all administrators:

  • Engage and encourage everyone in the school and the community to practice preventive behaviors (e.g., social distancing, masks, hand hygiene, and use of cohorting).
  • Communicate, educate, and reinforce appropriate hygiene and social distancing practices in ways that are developmentally appropriate for students, teachers, and staff.
  • Maintain healthy environments (e.g., cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces).
  • Repurpose unused or underutilized school spaces to increase classroom space and facilitate social distancing, including outside spaces, where feasible.
  • Develop a proactive plan for when a student or staff member tests positive for COVID-19.
  • Educate parents and caregivers on the importance of monitoring for and responding to the symptoms of COVID-19 at home.
  • Develop ongoing channels of communication with state and local health departments to stay updated on COVID-19 transmission and response in your local area.

In-person schooling is important, not only for academic purposes, but also for students’ social and emotional health, mental health, and continuity of other special services. It is our hope, here at SERVPRO of Beachwood / Shaker Heights  / Cleveland Heights, that you all remain safe and healthy as our communities begin to open back up again.

For more information:

SERVPRO of Beachwood / Shaker Heights / Cleveland Heights can be reached at 216-464-4498.