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Kitchen Ceiling Collapse In Cleveland Ohio 44113

SERVPRO was called to a home in Cleveland Ohio because the kitchen ceiling had collapsed. After a through inspection by a structural engineer since there were n... READ MORE

Cleaning Up From A Ceiling Collapse

The source was unknown but SERVPRO of Beachwood/Shaker Heights/Cleveland Heights was called to clean up from the collapsed ceiling. The ceiling was replaced onc... READ MORE

Multiple Frozen Pipes In Cleveland Ohio

When this home in Lyndhurst Ohio had multiple pipes broken due to freezing temperatures, they called SERVPRO of Beachwood/Shaker Heights/Cleveland Heights.... READ MORE

Zero Degrees Outside Leads to Frozen Pipes In This Cleveland Home

When temperatures drop very low in University Heights Ohio, many things can happen to homes.  This home had multiple levels affected due to a frozen pipe.&... READ MORE

Sump Pump Failures in Shaker Heights Ohio

"Some homes with basements or crawl spaces are protected from ground water damage by a network of drainage tubes around the foundation. These direct water into ... READ MORE

Tips to Help Prevent Flooding To Your Commercial Building

How to keep this from happening to your commercial building?Weather is not always as predictable as they make it on TV. The flooding of this building ... READ MORE

Rain Storm Causes Backup

Areas of the country that have earthquake activity suffer from cracked "soil pipes". A soil pipe is a plumbing term to describe the pipe that carries waste wate... READ MORE

Ceiling Clean Up Due to Fire

An electrical fire in a cash register set a sales counter ablaze and sent smoke billowing up to ruin a metal and tin roof that was coated with a crushed paper s... READ MORE

Storm Damage in Shaker Heights Ohio

When a rain storm hit suddenly in Shaker Heights Ohio, SERVPRO was called to assist in the cleanup.  The source was a stack (pipe runs up and down and the ... READ MORE

Mold Damage In Apartments

Mold Damage at this apartment began when a water heater rusted and started leaking. The water damage wasn’t noticed, so it provided moisture to a dark are... READ MORE